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AZ Zeno
Knokke-Heist - Belgium
Architect: Detoo
Consultant: Ingenium

AZ Zeno

In 2018, the new futuristic Zeno hospital openened its doors. Inspired by the surrealist work of René Magritte, hovers above the landscape and is dominated by light and nature right down to the underground spaces. The connection between inside and outside, between care facilities and public spaces is almost seamless, resulting in a welcoming and inspiring environment. The design is a striking example of "living architecture": sustainable design and construction with particular attention to integration into the landscape, ecological energy and materials used.

There was a need to have a space for conferences and educational purposes, so Jezet created a platform with 158 seats. The seat choice fell on the Plaza model with an integrated anti-panic writing tablet in the armrests. The seats were executed in a multicoulered patern to give the space a good vibe.

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