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Charleroi Danse
Charleroi - France
Architect: Pierre Cuisset

Charleroi Danse

The Pôle des Savoirs Charleroi Dance includes a resource centre, spaces for conviviality, relaxation, reading, work as well as a multipurpose room where shows and various events, literary meetings, conferences...

The place is dedicated to artistic creation with a business incubator for hosting cultural and creative companies and an exploration of possibilities where research and experimentation will be honored. By diversifying its role, Charleroi danse, the choreographic centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, presents itself as the only facility responding to the needs of dance today. Les Écuries in Charleroi is continuously open to different audiences. With a regular programme and appropriate support, audiences benefit from genuine enrichment in the choreographic art form. Up-and-coming and established artists, from Belgium or elsewhere, from today’s generation or part of the history of dance. The institution’s activities are now focused entirely on developing dance in this particular region, with “sharing dance” as its driving force.

In this modern looking dancehub a retractable seating system with 364 Volta seats was installed with 26 additional seats on wheels in front of the system.

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