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Maison de la Culture
Bourges - France
Architect: Ivars & Ballet
Consultant: Architecture & Technique

Maison de la Culture

On 10th September 2021 the new building Maison de la Culture was inaugurated. The Maison de la Culture existed since 1964 and has been an establishment in France ever since.

The new building was designed by Ivars & Ballet and meet all the imposed requirements: preserving the site’s versatility, ensuring its integration into a city with a rich heritage and with a mission to welcoming people. The building was also constructed to meet the requirements of environmental sustainability to raise public awareness of preservation of biodiversity and the challenges of climate change.

The renewed capacity engages The Maison de la Culture and the artists in a revitalized relationship. The building houses several cinema rooms as well as cultural spaces and rehearsal spaces.

The big spectacle hall can receive up to 685 seating spectators, seated in varios seats like the Galant, the Plaza and the Reza. The smaller hall is modular to serve a large number of seating and standing events. It is therefore equipped with a transportable modular retractable seating systems that can moved into storage and multiple configurations to create the space necessary according to the event. Some of the retractable seating systems can also be put onto a lift to create more height. Furthermore, we installed 274 seats in the 2 cinema’s of the building.

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