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Support your team from the perfect seat!

Belleheide Center - Roosdaal (Belgium)

Support your team from the perfect seat!

Van Der Knaaphal - Ede (The Netherlands)

Support your team from the perfect seat!

Sporthal aan de Bron - Weert (The Netherlands)

Support your team from the perfect seat!

Omnisportcentre - Apeldoorn (the Netherlands)

Support your team from the perfect seat!

Jeugd- en Sportinfrastructuur - Zele (Belgium)

Retractable seating


An Expandable Bleacher: The Ideal Solution for Maximizing Your Sports Hall. Looking to make the most of your sports hall? Look no further! Our expandable bleacher is the perfect solution. Just one person can easily slide the bleacher in and create multiple practice areas in your sports hall within 5 minutes. It's that simple!


Jezet's Sport Bleachers

Jezet's sports bleachers are known for their durability and customization. We believe that a bleacher should provide basic comfort to supporters, be easy to maintain, robust, and long-lasting. Moreover, it should be simple and quick to operate, even by one person. To align perfectly with your club's identity, we offer various customization options, including club colors and even the logo. Make your bleachers uniquely yours with Jezet!

Drive systems

Flexible Seating Solutions : A Jezet, we offer various options for opening and closing your bleachers. Whether you prefer traction motors, push chains, or external forces, we've got you covered. Our engineering team will assess your project's specific needs to determine the most suitable drive mechanism. We take into account factors such as the type of floor structure, flexibility, mobility of the bleachers and your budget to ensure a tailored solution for your project

Accessories and finishes

We make your system completely bespoke

Keeping your bleachers secure at Jezet: To ensure that no one has access beneath the bleachers, we provide side enclosures. Our fiberglass-reinforced vinyl fabric is robust and easy to clean. You can personalize this fabric with your club's colors or custom designs." Other materials are also possible.


Safety First! At Jezet, we prioritize safety. Our bleachers come equipped with fall protection in the form of guardrails, which are engineered to meet the latest safety standards. We also design them to eliminate any climbing or trapping hazards. Whenever possible, we opt for practical solutions such as telescopic gates, foldable fences, or removable barriers.


There are versatile flooring options at Jezet. Choose from a variety of materials and colors for your flooring. Traditionally, we often use non-slip phenolic resin boards or vinyl flooring. Both materials are highly durable and easy to clean."

We provide Your Bleachers with all essential accessories and features. Discover Jezet's most popular options for enhancing your bleachers here


Seats and benches

At Jezet we offer a wide range of seats and benches for your bleachers. Our plastic seats are made of a durable PP with the required UV resistance. The seats meet the strictest standards: UEFA/FIFA and EN12727. Please take a look at our most common models.


Bucket Seats

Affordable Comfort at Jezet. Our bucket seats offer an economical yet comfortable seating solution. Made from high-quality, impact-resistant PP, these seats feature a closed-rounded design for safety and easy maintenance."


Explore a Wide Range of Benches at Jezet. At Jezet, we offer a diverse selection of benches in various materials. Our standard choice is an execution high-pressure laminated wood panels. In many cases, the bench serves as a front fascia, combining both form and function."

VIP seats

Enhance the experience for sponsors and guests with Jezet's VIP Seats. We offer an extensive range of seats and customization options to add an extra level of comfort and value

Movable systems

Enhance your sports venue with custom seating solutions. If you want to add an extra dimension to your sports hall, there are numerous possibilities for adjusting the seating configuration. One fundamental functionality is the ability to move bleachers within the facility. There are various options for relocating bleachers, and the choice of the right relocation system depends on factors like the floor type, the size of the bleachers, and your desired setups. Contact our sales team for more information."

Sport References


The former Belleheide has been transformed into a sports centre and consists of a top sports hall and event centre. It is the new home of the futsal football club Futsal Halle-Gooik and from this season also of RSCA Futsal. Although the hall is mainly used for futsal, other sports are sometimes played. The sportshall includes two opposite retractable seating systems with a VIP section with a total capacity of 875 seats


In the summer of 2022 Sporthal Plus opnened in Nijmegen. The rapidly growing city was in great need for good indoor sports facilities. The new sports hall responds to this need for physical education, recreational sports and national top sport. In order to make the hall as multifunctional as possible, 3 retractable systems were provided.  They can be stored in the niches, when not in use.


In this basketball temple, 5000 supporters can partly take a seat on retractable seating systems and partly on a fixed section. In the lower ring the retractable seating systems can be closed to enlarge the playing field for training purposes.


The atypical futuristic architecture of the sports hall certainly stands out. Although the sports hall is an architectural masterpiece both inside and out, it blends very nicely into the landscape. In the new sports hall there are, three training fields where many different sports can be practiced. The audience takes a seat partly on a retractable system and, partly on the balcony.


The Lange Munte sports campus is an infrastructure with international class in the city of Kortrijk. The sports complex consists of 2 adjacent halls with 5 spacious sports halls. Thanks to this hall concept, 5 matches can be played at the same time. In the event hall, 2400 spectators can enjoy their sportsevent.  1748 places are devided over the retractable seating systems the other are fixed. For the seating a comfortable Sport 2 bucket seat with back type Sport 2 was used.


Sportshall de Opperdam is a sports facility in Volendam, North Holland. It consists of two halls. The old hall and has a capacity of about 1200 people, the new hall 600 people. The rooms are used by, among others, RKHV Volendam and ZVV Volendam. The installed retractable system with wooden benches also integrated the typical orange colours for the details.


KRC Genk belongs to the top of Belgian soccer. In the team’s arena, the fans can enjoy themselves in the open air, but the VIP’s can follow the matches from a covered area which is provided luxurious business seats. The seats are executed in the blue club coulours from top to toe, metalwork and artificial leather included.


Turn key supply


We own the entire process from design, manufacturing to installation. We help you to design your public space ….


Engineering & PM: Once your project is awarded, we assign a dedicated Project Manager (PM) as your single point of contact. The PM will expertly guide you through the process of designing, planning, and decision-making. They will direct our skilled engineers to create your design, supervise production, and ensure top-notch quality throughout the project. Rest assured, the PM will oversee a seamless handover of the end result and provide comprehensive training for operating the seats. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Count on our dedicated team for any maintenance and support needs. Well-equipped with vehicles and tools, we ensure seamless servicing of your systems. We can offer preventive maintenance coupled with skills assessment for your local operating team. The head office service team collaborates with you to schedule suitable maintenance times. In urgent situations, our first-line online support resolves issues in over 99.9% of cases, while rare occurrences prompt us to swiftly organize on-site interventions for swift resolution.


At Jezet, We craft your bleachers In-House from raw materials to fully furnished seating. Our modern production facility boasts laser cutters, powder coating installations, CNC-controlled woodworking machines, upholstery workshops, and a full-size assembly hall for final quality checks. We welcome you to visit our workshops, where we take pride in showcasing our craftsmanship."


Installation is handled by our skilled internal team, complemented by qualified local installers. Our chief installer takes charge of on-site logistics, ensuring the secure and damage-free delivery of goods into the facility. He directs the assembly process, offering guidance to the mechanics for a sturdy and safe setup. Thorough testing is then conducted to verify secure fastening, culminating in comprehensive trial runs to validate the flawless functioning of the system.


At Jezet, we are dedicated to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. This commitment is reflected in our product design an production process. We prioritize sustainable materials and solutions that are built to last and easy to replace in case of damage. We are proud of our efforts to minimize our environmental footprint and promote sustainability in everything we do.


In our factory where we handle everything from A to Z to create your bleachers and seats. This approach allows us to maintain strict quality control at every stage of the process. We operate in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. Towards the end of the project, we have the capability to assemble the bleachers completely, enabling a final quality check before transportation to the site. This is the perfect opportunity for you as a customer to inspect your end product thoroughly."


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