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To maximize the multipurpose quality of your space Jezet provides a wide spectrum of seating transformations. Our designers and engineers can combine these solutions to create a consistent design intent and experience for your venue.


Many solutions, one seat-design



Lotus: Innovative Seat-in-a-Box System.

The Lotus system presents a groundbreaking way to store seats within a compact box. This versatile box can be recessed into the floor, a retractable platform, or integrated into a stage elevator's deck. The folding mechanism resembles that of retractable seating systems, with the seat neatly covered by a hinging lid when folded down. This mechanism can be operated manually or motorized for added convenience. The Lotus system is designed to seamlessly complement our seat range, including Livio, Flex, Flex-Nova, and Lucca. Depending on the application, it offers a minimal built-in depth and riser depth, making it an ideal space-saving solution for various venues.

Frontrow storage

Front-Row Storage:

Lack of storage space – a common issue in your theater and a challange to solve. Jezet's Front-Row Storage is the solution that accommodates the front-row seats that are in front of the seating system on the first platform. This ensures safe and easy storage of these seats."

Stackable seating

Introducing our Stackable Seating.

A flexible solution for flat floor seating layouts. With our in-house production, we deliver linked seats that can be upholstered and finished to perfectly match your retractable and fixed seats, ensuring a cohesive and consistent appearance. Accompanied by storage carts, spacers, and flexible seating numbers, our linked seats offer a smooth and practical seating arrangement for your venue, providing maximum comfort and functionality for your audience

Quick release

Introducing our Quick Release System.

In auditoria, removing seats is essential for various purposes such as ADA compliance, technical booths, camera positions, additional access, and orchestra pits. Our specially designed Quick Release system allows for easy and quick removal of seats without leaving obstacles on the floor. The robust pedestal ensures solid comfort, and the seats can be carried individually or transported on a dedicated cart for convenient storage elsewhere. Experience unmatched flexibility and convenience with our Quick Release system, simplifying seat removal and reconfiguration to suit your specific needs.

Seats on wheels

Introducing our Rollable Seating System.

Removing seats in auditoria for various purposes (ADA compliance, technical booth, camera positions, additional access, orchestra pit, etc.) requires an easy and quick system that leaves no obstacles on the floor. Our rollable seating system is designed precisely for this purpose. Seats are arranged in sets of 2, 3, or 4 and can be rolled in all directions. When placed on the floor, they can stand on their own, eliminating the need for additional floor anchoring and providing a convenient and comfortable solution for ushers and stage operators to remove and store seats on the same floor level.

Seating Wagons

Introducing our Seating Wagons.

Ideal for venues with very low risers or limited resources for applying a retractable seating system. Commonly used in orchestra pits and elevators, these wagons are equipped with heavy-duty castors for effortless maneuvering. The finishes can be customized to match the architectural design intent of the room, and the seats on the wagons can be identical to the other seats used in the space, ensuring a cohesive and efficient seating solution for your venue.

Balcony connection

Introducing our Balcony Connection.

Combining the retractable seating system with a balcony requires seamless integration to maintain a consistent riser/depth proportion, reinforcing unity and sightlines throughout the auditorium. Our expert design and engineering ensure a smooth transition, incorporating structural details, smart guardrail selection, fixed stairs, and alternative seating solutions. Experience a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing layout, maximizing both functionality and comfort for your venue's audience.


Introducing our Lifting Systems

For complete removal of the retractable seating system an efficient option is to lower it into the basement using an elevator. The retractable system can either be stored in the basement or remain on the elevator, covering the pit with its last platform. This process necessitates a close collaboration with a stage elevator constructor to ensure seamless execution.


Introducing our Metrosystem.

With fixed tracks in the floor, entire seating rows can be effortlessly moved forwards or backwards, providing the flexibility to store them under the stage or in the technical booth at the back of the room. The seamless integration of solid track wheels and a reliable locking mechanism ensures a dependable and secure outcome, allowing for easy reconfiguration and space optimization in your venue. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Metrosystem, a perfect seating solution for dynamic and adaptable spaces.

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