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David Rockefeller
Creative Arts Centre
New York - USA

The David Rockefeller Creative Arts Center is a new facility that opened in Fall 2022. It serves as a sustainable and inclusive hub for artists and the community to create, present, and engage with various forms of artistic expression, including performance, literary, and visual arts. Housed in the historic Orangerie, originally owned by John D. Rockefeller, the center features a gallery, performance space, and flexible artist studios. The center includes a mobile telescopic unit with 180 retractable benches type B05, and 755 loose stackable seats. The retractable seating system can be used in partially opened mode to create a more intimate seating arrangment for a smaller audience.


Prima Cruise Ship

Welcome aboard Norwegian Prima, the first in a new class of ships designed to elevate every expectation. On board is a firstclass multifunctional venue that can transform from a three-story theatre with 672 seats to a spectacular Vegas-style night club. To make this happen we installed a retractable seating system that can be used in several configurations, all within the strict constraints in weight distribution on the ship. The system and seats where all made with a high-end finish to match the luxurious interior of the Prima.



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